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Scientific Opinion Certification

Elevate Your Science

SciPinion builds trust in the scientific process. Our SciPi™ certified peer review process is not just a service; it’s a commitment to pioneering trust through objectivity and unparalleled scientific expertise.


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Navigating the Trust Gap

For organizations that depend on scientific credibility, the threat of regulatory action, litigation, or public dissent can cloud your decisions. Perceived biases are more than hurdles; they’re threats to your product’s acceptance and your organization’s ethos. SciPinion illuminates the path through this “trust gap,” safeguarding your reputation and ensuring good science speaks the loudest.

Illuminate Your Credibility

Embrace the power of SciPinion to safeguard your projects, navigate regulatory landscapes, quash unfounded criticisms, and bolster your claims. This journey enhances your scientific standing, speeds product introductions, and deepens trust.

Empowerment Through Expertise

SciPinion convenes the globe’s foremost experts to dissect your problems and furnish you with science-driven resolutions. Our meticulous, triple-blinded review process ensures objective credibility, furnishing you with impartial insights swiftly—as quickly as within a week.

Objective scientific integrity is the
cornerstone of trust.

A Pathway to Trust

Your mission to ensure safe and effective products mirrors our commitment to protecting and amplifying good science. Choosing SciPinion is more than just selecting a service—it’s a vow to elevate trust in your research, outcomes, and decisions.

Active SciPis & SciPolls

The Bridge to
Boosted Credibility

We’d be honored to elevate your science. Here’s our process:

Step 1


Present your scientific inquiry for our expert analysis.

Step 2


Our global consortium of rigorously screened experts embarks on a comprehensive review, employing our proprietary analytical techniques.

Step 3


Rapidly receive decisive, objective results that solidify your research’s integrity.

Trusted By Advocates of Scientific Truth

SciPinion is the only 
service that offers:

Vast Expertise

Our global network of over 21,000 rigorously vetted experts are available to provide objective insights.

Complete Transparency

Clients gain immediate access to the entire scientific process (from panelist selection through report conclusions) and all stakeholders have complete transparency in process and work product, reinforcing the trust in outcomes.

Demonstrated Impact on 
Policy and Practice

Our recommendations have had a positive effect on significant policy, industry and company practices

Zero Influence Assurance

Our robust process and our triple-blinded approach assure untainted expertise, delivering purity in scientific truth.

Engineered Objectivity

Our design for objectivity and process transparency ensures results with mitigated bias, free from vested interests.


Utilizing a unique process we blind: 1) Panel to Sponsor 2) Sponsor to Panel 3) Panelists to each other

Are You an Expert in a Scientific Field?

Join the SciPinion Community of Experts and:

  • Learn from peers and gain insights from the collective wisdom of the world’s experts.
  • Share your insights on topics related to your field of expertise.
  • Earn money. To date, we’ve paid out millions to experts.

Your Scientific Vanguard

Elevate product confidence and innovation by:

  • Navigating regulatory challenges with informed, science-based decisions
  • Refuting baseless activist allegations
  • Fortifying and validating your product assertions
  • Enhancing your value chain with undeniable trust in your scientific endeavors

SciPinion embodies the conviction that objective scientific integrity is the cornerstone of trust.

Elevate my Science