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When the stakes are high, and key decisions are uncertain, we assemble custom panels of global experts to provide the trusted answers you need

Why SciPinion

We believe better insight leads to better decisions
We help those companies, agencies and organizations that want to get the science right and make better decisions

SciPinion was created to help companies and governments make better decisions.  Companies and government agencies can’t have all the types of expertise or experiences in-house required to make informed decisions all the time.  In these situations, use SciPinion to ask the world’s experts.


What is SciPinion?

You can now take advantage of the world’s experts to answer your challenging scientific questions.  SciPinion taps into the collective wisdom of 1000’s of hand-picked subject matter experts to match with whatever questions you may have.  This is consulting in the 21st century: multiple top-shelf experts focused on your problems.

How do we do this?

You are always in control.  Tell us what you need to know, and we’ll help focus your questions, assemble your key experts, and deliver clear and concise answers to address your tough problems. Instead of lengthy, rambling reports from one expert, SciPinion carefully designs questions that will spotlight your problems.  SciPinion’s analytics then delivers the wisdom of the collected experts in an easy-to-read report that will quickly illuminate your path to decision making.

A Few of Our Clients

For Organizations

Do you need help harnessing expert opinions to make an informed decision, gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace, or defend your science from attack?

For Experts

SciPinion is constantly looking for experts in a wide range of disciplines. Please feel free to create an account, including loading a copy of your CV.

How it Works

SciPinion is a decision making tool consisting of three parts:

The System

Unique process for inviting and selecting experts to maximize the right expertise and diversity (when required), asking experts the insightful questions, creating an easy to interpret (at a glance) report and download of all data to support offline analytics.

The Experts

Vast network of vetted experts.  SciPinion has recruited thousands of experts in a wide range of disciplines.  We can recruit experts in almost any discipline, so the pool of potential experts is almost unlimited.  Many already have accounts and are ready to work at a moments notice.


The Technology

SciPinion’s web app supports a better model for understanding the collective wisdom of the world’s experts and the truth.  We eliminate most of the pressures that often cause panels of experts to come to wrong conclusions.  Namely group think, social pressure, peer pressure, deference to authority, sponsor bias, etc.

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