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Product Safety Report

The SciPinion Collective Wisdom Report presents ten best practices for how the top consumer goods companies assure, monitor and defend product safety.

These findings were offered by a carefully selected panel of experts assembled from the global scientific community who previously worked for well-recognized consumer goods companies. The experts share their insights on how their employers chose to face the challenges associated with managing consumer product safety. These best practices, which are based on answers to charge questions, encompass the following areas:

  • Using third-party guidelines and databases,
  • Assessing the safety of raw materials,
  • Preclinical safety testing of products,
  • Conducting clinical testing,
  • Making product claims and labeling,
  • Using exposure assessment guidance,
  • Running post-market surveillance,
  • Managing and organizing safety programs,
  • Addressing external relations issues, and
  • Incorporating global harmonized system requirements.

More Features

This report also provides an insightful outline for implementing a product safety program for small- to medium-sized companies, based on the panel’s collective experience in the consumer product industry.

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