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Expert Panels

Expert panels consist of groups of experts who provide opinions. The experts can be asked to review materials you provide and answer questions. Expertise type is unlimited, we can get any type of expert that you require. Panels can be large (10+) or small (3).

Single-round or Multi-round/Delphi Panels
  • Round 1 – review materials and answer questions
  • Round 2 – online debate among experts
  • Round 3 – change answers (if desired) and answer any new questions supplied by the sponsor (you)
Multi-tier panels
  • Tier 1 – material experts who review specific topics and answer questions
  • Tier 2 – Manager/Director types of experts who review findings of Tier 1 panel(s) and answer big picture type questions
Specialized Expert Panels

SciPinion has several niche type panels and capabilities.

  • Derivation of risk values: Panel of risk assessment experts, each expert deriving their own risk assessment using SciPinion’s risk assessment derivation tool, thereby yielding a distribution of risk values.
  • AOP peer review panels. Experts review AOP using OECD review guidelines, edit and upload suggested changes to AOP diagram.
Ingredient safety panels
  • GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) peer review committee. SciPinion has a dedicated GRAS peer review system and committee that exceeds FDA’s new rules on peer review of GRAS assessments.
  • Histophathology working group committees.  SciPinion uses Aperio to house histopathology slides and assembles panels of histopathology experts to review, debate and score histopathology findings.
  • Epidemiology study review committees.
  • Exposure assessment review committees.

Engage an Expert Panel.