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SciPinion for
Organizations and Decision Makers

SciPinion in Action

Industries Served

Example Use Cases

1. Peer Review: One of the leading International pesticide companies used SciPinion to hire experts to peer review a model being used for rule making. The findings were submitted to EPA OPP and resulted in a favorable decision.

2. Intel Report: A leading consumer products company needed to know if they were doing everything they could to prevent product contamination and assure product safety. SciPinion assembled a panel of experts and former directors of product safety from companies in the same sector to provide input on best practices. The results provide an exhaustive summary of Best Practices of product safety and monitoring for the consumer product industry.

3. Product Safety: A Fortune 100 consumer products company used SciPinion to engage over 60 experts from all over the world to peer review their vast pre-clinical and clinical portfolio.  The reports from the peer reviews were submitted to FDA where a decision is awaiting.

How SciPinion Works

We Put the World’s Experts to Work for You

At SciPinion, we engage the world’s experts and put them to work  for you. We engage the network for short engagements and ask them very detailed questions that will give you the power to either make better decisions or help defend your science.

You Are In Control
  • You define the issue: Tell us what uncertainty you are trying to eliminate
  • You Control Access: Tell us who gets access to your data, and who gets access to your results (keep private, limited distribution, or go public)
  • You define the experts: What kind of experts do you need?  What unique qualifications or experience do you need?
  • You define the scope: What are your time and budget constraints?
  • You Control the Importance of Diversity: Tell us how important is representation by gender, age, geography, and/or sector of employment on your team.
Our Role

  • Consulting: First SciPi?  Don’t worry, we’ll be with you each step of the way to help you utilize this new approach in the best possible manner
  • Experts: We find and engage the world’s experts
  • Platform: We provide an environment through a web app that allows the experts to work independently, but collectively. By providing psychological safety, our proprietary approach allows experts to focus on the science without distraction.
  • Reporting: Through the power of analytics, we provide a detailed report with “at a glance” summaries.  We also provide your results in a csv file to support independent analyses.

Client Testimonials

Why Use SciPinion?

We help you make better decisions and defend your science. 

  • SciPinion can help fill your expertise gaps. Quickly and efficiently, SciPinion can have experts fill in your expertise gaps so you can make better decisions.
  • As a company, you may not always have credibility in the marketplace or with regulatory agencies. With SciPinion, we use the world’s experts to validate your science, to give you the credibility you need.
  • As a government agency, you may need access to the world’s experts to validate your own assessments. SciPinion can reduce the time and money spent using the current peer review process, all while providing you better, and reproducible results.
Key Benefits

  • Speed: We can engage our network of experts in a moment’s notice, and they can work very rapidly if required.  Start to finish, we can get you results inside a month, and even sooner if needed (ask us about our Rapid Response practice).
  • Significant value: The value of having independent experts validate your science is significant. When you need to make a difficult decisions, nothing beats the insights gained from experience and expertise. SciPinion is an excellent alternative to a traditional consulting firm when your company needs to fill an expertise gap.
  • Trusted: Our process is unbiased, independent and reproducible.



Clients contact SciPinion for help. After explaining your situation, we will assign a project lead who has expertise in that required arena. That person will work with you to scope the parameters of your need, such as:

  • How many separate panels are required (if more than 1)?
  • What kind of expertise is required?
  • How many experts are required in each panel?
  • How much time will each expert have to spend?

After this is scoped, we provide a cost estimate. Alternatively, you can tell us your budget and the amount of time you think each expert will have to spend to review the material and answer questions, and we’ll tell you how many experts your budget will allow. Once you accept, we work with you to develop the questions and recruit the required experts. You maintain control throughout. We invite and recruit the experts, get them under contract, have them sign a nondisclosure agreement, have them do the work and we prepare the report.

You maintain control over the budget, the # of experts, the required expertise, the sectors of employment they can come from and which ones they cannot, what criteria constitutes a conflict of interest, whether the results of the engagement will remain confidential or open to the public, and whether the experts should remain anonymous or need to have their identities disclosed.

The cost of a SciPi is less than you would spend on hiring a consulting firm and less than you’d spend to set up a blue ribbon panel and have experts all attend a meeting face to face. The cost of a Scipi is dependent on the # of experts required and the amount of time each expert will need to spend. Therefore, you control the costs.

Our rapid response practice area is a unique one. It requires us to make sure we have the necessary expertise you might need on the ready. You must contact us to set up a retainer and a list of required expertise. If we can recruit sufficient experts in those areas, we will contract with you for a retainer to be billed against whenever you give us a rapid response project. At SciPinion, we have a policy of requiring pay for all experts to be in the bank at the time we recruit the experts. Therefore, the retainer will require a modest fee up front. Any unused funds will be refunded at the end of the year.

Ready for the next step?

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