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Food Ingredients, Dietary Supplements, OTC Drugs, Cosmetics and Consumer Products

Companies that sell foods, food additives, cosmetics and OTC drugs have regulatory challenges, but also have more self-policing decisions to make and substantiate and face numerous brand safety perception issues.

SciPinion utilizes the collective wisdom of the world’s experts to help companies navigate these challenges and substantiate/support their science and corporate decisions.

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Industry examples:

Safety of dietary supplements

Several publications of the past couple years had questioned the safety of a dietary supplement, including case reports of organ toxicity observed in patients taking the dietary supplement. A company that sells the dietary supplement needed an independent and trusted evaluation of the literature to help them make decisions about potential label warnings and sales targets. SciPinion assembled a panel of experts in food safety to critically evaluate the weight of evidence (WOE) on the safety of the dietary supplement. The panel of experts concluded the dietary supplement was safe and found no need to adjust or limit daily intake or institute new label warnings. The company used this finding to support their packaging and sales objectives.

Child-resistant packaging recommendations

A company that sells numerous OTC drugs has to make corporate decisions about the dose that would cause toxicity in children for each OTC drug/supplement and then utilize this information to guide corporate decisions about the need for child-resistant packaging. SciPinion utilized our vast network of drug safety experts to assemble a panel of experts to help make these safety determinations. Using a collective wisdom approach, our panel made recommendations on dose levels that would cause toxicity in children and thus warrant protective packaging for each OTC drug.

Environmental Safety Review Boards and Brand Defense

A consumer products company was the target of a new study that raised questions about the environmental safety profile of the packaging materials used for the consumer product. The company approached SciPinion to assemble a panel of experts to review the environmental degradation and safety profile of the packaging material ingredients and make overall safety conclusions. The panel re-affirmed the safety profile and performance of the packaging materials. The results of our panel review was used for brand defense messaging and educating regulators who had been petitioned to re-evaluate the registration of the packaging materials.

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