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Supporting Science-Based Decisions

The nexus for authoritative scientific perspectives

  • Inform the misinformed and uninformed
  • Shape major industry and policy issues
  • Amplify the voice of science

Scientific Decision-Making is Vulnerable 

Many expert scientists have voices that aren’t being heard, missing opportunities to contribute to critical issues requiring their expertise. If we do speak up, we stand alone against a tide of inaccuracies and attacks on scientific principles. Isolation can lead to reluctance in sharing crucial insights, fearing backlash from the vocal minority peddling scientific fallacies.

Unity Fortifies Our Voices and Informs Decisions

SciPinion is where scientists amplify their voices and break free from isolation to join a consortium of expertise. Contributing to a collective mission, we steer crucial scientific and industrial decisions, protect the essence of science, and elevate the public conversation with knowledgeable perspectives– all within a psychologically safe environment.

Dynamic and Empowered Engagement

SciPinion offers distinctive engagement channels for experts like you:

  • SciPis for thorough scrutiny: Paid expert panels conducting detailed analysis influencing pivotal choices.
  • SciPolls for rapid insight: Taking the pulse of the scientific community to determine the degree of scientific consensus.
  • Pings for agile information sharing: Swap insights with fellow scientists swiftly.

The exclusive SciPinion approach guarantees that your voice is heard and that trust is earned through transparency, objectivity, and integrity.

Active SciPis & SciPolls

Contribute to the Collective Wisdom

SciPinion’s vibrant collective not only bolsters knowledge and sharpens insights but also elevates your professional credibility. Join us, and together we will champion informed scientific decision-making.

Collectively Shape 

the Future

Step 1

Join our community

Sign up with SciPinion and engage with a broad spectrum of scientific expertise.

Step 2

Share your knowledge

Tailor your participation to suit your strengths, from comprehensive evaluations to nimble idea exchanges.

Step 3

Influence major decisions

Join your peers to dismantle misinformation and drive enlightened societal and policy discussions.

Our Unified Voice Resonates Far and Wide

SciPinion is the only 
service that offers:

Vast Expertise

Our global network of over 21,000 rigorously vetted experts are available to provide objective insights.

Complete Transparency

Clients gain immediate access to the entire scientific process (from panelist selection through report conclusions) and all stakeholders have complete transparency in process and work product, reinforcing the trust in outcomes.

Demonstrated Impact on 
Policy and Practice

Our recommendations have had a positive effect on significant policy, industry and company practices

Zero Influence Assurance

Our robust process and our triple-blinded approach assure untainted expertise, delivering purity in scientific truth.

Engineered Objectivity

Our design for objectivity and process transparency ensures results with mitigated bias, free from vested interests.


Utilizing a unique process we blind: 1) Panel to Sponsor 2) Sponsor to Panel 3) Panelists to each other

Empowering Science-Based Decision-Making

Discover the advantages of SciPinion:

  • Shape significant decisions with your expertise.
  • Protect science by engaging in informed public discourse.
  • Enhance your influence with collective, compensated initiatives.
  • Become part of a diverse global community that fosters growth and reinforces insights.

Are you ready to share your expertise 
and make an impact?