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SciPoll 395 Results – Use of Non-Animal Methods for Safety Testing

What is a SciPoll?

A SciPoll is designed to quickly assess the prevailing wisdom on a specialized niche topic and should take less than 1 minute of the expert’s time to answer and be something that can be answered without having to do any reading or research.

This SciPoll’s Topic:

EPA’s Administrator in 2019 issued a memo stating:

Today’s memo directs the agency to aggressively reduce animal testing, including reducing mammal study requests and funding 30% by 2025 and completely eliminating them by 2035.

This month’s SciPoll is designed to gauge the expert communities’ confidence in this mission.

The figures shown illustrate the rapid responses from our experts in just a few days time. You may see the full set of questions and responses as well as debate them here.

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The experts have spoken and the vast majority feel that NAMs will not be ready to replace whole animal testing for assessing safety by 2035.  However, there are glimmers of hope for NAMs being useful for some endpoints.  Click below to see what endpoints the experts think are most (and least) likely to have animal testing replaced  by NAMs.  The results are very interesting.  Also please feel free to debate the results within the SciPoll.

View Detailed Results & Debate